Thursday, April 28, 2005


The meaning of things, and their purpose,
Is in part now hidden
But shall in the end become clear.
The choice is between
The Mystery and the absurd.
To embrace the Mystery
Is to discover teh real.
It is to walk towards the light,
To glimpse teh morning start,
To catch sight from time to time
Of what is truly real.
It is no more than a flicker of light
Through teh cloud of unknowing,
A fitful ray of light
That is a messenger from teh sun
Which is hidden from our gaze.
You see teh light but not teh sun.
When you set yourself to look more closely,
You will begin to see some sense
In the darkness taht surrounds you.
Your eyes will begin to pick out
The shape of things and persons around you.
You will begin to see in them
the presence of the One
Who gives them meaning and purpose,
And that it is He
Who is teh explanation of them all.

--Cardinal Basil Hume, OSB