Monday, July 02, 2007

An Invitation

Grace, they say,
is the meeting of two desires: yours and God's.
But too often,
we do not take time out
to know what it is we desire the most,
what it is that we really want.
And we take even less time to consider what God wants of us.
We just copy what most of the world seems to be wanting:
a comfortable house, a good-enough car,
presentable clothes, a secure life.
These are what we are led to pursue.
We do not bother to check if they can really fulfill us,
if they can really make us happy.
And too often, we just equate being happy
with having what we want.
We forget that happiness entails not only getting what we want
but going where we are most needed also.

We hear about Jesuit Vocation Seminars,
and we automatically say,
That's not for me. I'm not made to be a priest nor a religious brother.
But who knows?
Give it a chance.
Try it out.
Take some time to think about what God may want of you.
Who knows?
It might be what you want most, as well.

This has been a long enough sermon.
But actually, it is just a description of
what many Jesuits have gone through in discerning their vocations.
Take one day off to try to find out what you truly desire,
and what God desires of you.
It will certainly be a day filled with grace.

A Jesuit Vocation Seminars for male college students and
young professionals will be held at the 2nd Floor of the
CLC Center, Ateneo de Manila University
this July 15, 2007 from 8:00 - 5:00pm

For more information please contact
the Jesuit Vocation Promotions Office
at Tel. Nos. 426-6101
or E-mail